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    3. Transactions
      1. Allco Finance Group Limited
      2. Alterra Power Corporation
      3. American Wind Capital Company
      4. Axio Power Holdings
      5. Babcock & Brown LP
      6. Babcock & Brown LP
      7. Babcock & Brown NA Energy Development Business
      8. Banco Santander
      9. Capistrano Wind Partners
      10. Capistrano Wind Partners Follow-On
      11. Central Hudson Enterprises Corporation
      12. CG Power Solutions USA
      13. Coram Energy Group
      14. Coronal Energy
      15. Coronal-Panasonic
      16. CPV Renewable Energy
      17. CPV Renewable Energy
      18. CPV Wind Ventures LLC
      19. CYRQ Energy, Inc.
      20. Distributed Power Partners
      21. DKRW Wind, LLC
      22. EchoFirst
      23. Element Power
      24. Empower Energies
      25. Falvez Energy
      26. First Wind
      27. First Wind
      28. FLS Energy
      29. Gaelectric, LLC
      30. GE Energy Financial Services
      31. Global Investment Renewable
      32. Gradient Resources
      33. Grasshopper Solar
      34. Greenwood Energy
      35. groSolar
      36. Heelstone Energy Holdings, LLC
      37. HelioSage Energy, LLC
      38. IGS Solar
      39. innogy SE
      40. Juhl Wind Inc/Suzlon Wind Energy Corp.
      41. Leidos Holdings, Inc.
      42. LS Power
      43. Main Street Power, Inc.
      44. Mexico Power Group
      45. MUNICH ERGO Asset Management GMBH
      46. NorthLight Power
      47. NRG Energy
      48. omniwatt AG - Equity Placement
      49. OwnEnergy, Inc
      50. Pattern Energy
      51. Peabody Energy Corp
      52. PRC Wind
      53. Ridgeline Energy, LLC
      54. Rockland Capital
      55. Santander Bank, N.A.
      56. SkyPower Corp
      57. Skypower Global Corp.
      58. SoCore Energy
      59. Solar Trust of America
      60. Soltage
      61. sPower
      62. Sunlight Financial, LLC
      63. SunPower Corporation
      64. Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation
      65. TUUSSO Energy/AEV
      66. US Solar Ventures Holdings, LLC
      67. Wind Capital Group
    4. News
      1. Recent News
        1. Bernays "Buz" Barclay Joins Marathon Capital as Managing Director
        2. CH Energy Group Divests Shirley Wind Farm
        3. Clean Energy Pipeline features interview with Ted Brandt discussing the Mexican wind market
        4. Coram Energy Group Sells California Assets to Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners
        5. Coronal-Panasonic Invests in Blue Oak Energy
        6. Duke Energy Buys CPV's Cimarron 2 Project
        7. Empower Energies Retains Marathon Capital to Raise Equity for Distributed Generation Fund of Solar and CHP Assets
        8. Euromoney Seminars Interviews Ted Brandt
        9. Impact of Section 201 Import Tariffs on Utility-Scale Solar LCOE
        10. LS Power announces the sale of Columbia Solar Energy to Hanergy Solar
        11. Marathon Capital Advises American Wind Capital Company on Sale of Portfolio and Company
        12. Marathon Capital Advises Edison Mission Energy on Capistrano Wind Partners Formation; Initial $460 Million Equity Commitment to North American Wind Energy
        13. Marathon Capital Advises First Wind on Sale Transaction
        14. Marathon Capital Advises Global Investment Renewable on the formation of Coronal Municipal Energy Services
        15. Marathon Capital Advises Heelstone Energy on the Sale of a 194 MWDC Solar Portfolio to Sammons Renewable Energy
        16. Marathon Capital Advises innogy on Acquisition of EverPower’s US Wind Development Business
        17. Marathon Capital Advises Main Street Power on the Sale of the Company to The AES Corporation
        18. Marathon Capital Advises NTR’s Wind Capital Group on the Sale of 350 MW of Operating Wind Projects to Pattern Energy Group
        19. Marathon Capital Advises PRC Wind on the Sale of its 470-megawatt Wind Development Portfolio to Tenaska
        20. Marathon Capital Advises SunPower on Sale of Microinverter Business to Enphase Energy
        21. Marathon Capital Advises Suzlon on Sale of 240 MW Big Sky Wind Farm
        22. Marathon Capital Announces a Partnership Between IGS Solar and an Ares Management Fund for Investment in Residential Solar Assets
        23. Marathon Capital Announces Debt Financing for two of Greenwood Energy’s Solar Portfolios by ORIX Corporation USA
        24. Marathon Capital Announces Expansion And San Francisco Office Relocation
        25. Marathon Capital Announces Funding Commitments for Sunlight Financial
        26. Marathon Capital Announces MEAG's Acquisition of Equity Interest in Two Starwood-owned Wind Farms
        27. Marathon Capital Announces Successful Capital Raise for Blue Source, LLC
        28. Marathon Capital Announces Tax Equity Raise for Falvez Energy
        29. Marathon Capital Announces the Closing of a Partnership Between Soltage and Basalt for Capital Investment in Solar Generation Assets
        30. Marathon Capital Announces the Sale of SoCore Energy to ENGIE North America
        31. Marathon Capital Announces the Sale of sPower to AES Corporation and Alberta Investment Management Corporation
        32. Marathon Capital Announces the Successful Closing of Empower Energies’ DG Solar Fund
        33. Marathon Capital Announces the Successful Equity Capital Raise and Project Financing of Mexico Power Group’s La Bufa 1 Wind Farm
        34. Marathon Capital Announces the Successful Sale of OwnEnergy to EDF Renewable Energy
        35. Marathon Capital Awarded "Best Renewable Asset M&A Advisor"
        36. Marathon Capital Named "Best Renewable Asset M&A Advisor"
        37. Marathon Capital Recognized at Power Finance & Risk’s 13 Annual Power Finance Deals and Firms Awards and Mexican International Renewable Energy Congress
        38. Marathon Capital welcomes Bryan Fennell
        39. Marathon Capital Welcomes David Kirkpatrick To San Francisco
        40. Marathon Capital Welcomes John Chang as Managing Director
        41. Marathon Capital Welcomes Tim Meyer
        42. Marathon Capital's CEO, Ted Brandt, Featured in Current's Podcast
        43. Marathon Capital's Philip Bassil Published in North American WindPower
        44. Marathon Capital's, Sid Sinha published in Renewable Energy World's "Navigating the Winding Road of Geothermal Project Financing" Part 1
        45. Marathon Capital's, Sid Sinha published in Renewable Energy World's "Navigating the Winding Road of Geothermal Project Financing" Part 2
        46. NedPower Enlists Marathon Capital to Secure Financing for Hydro Projects
        47. Ted Brandt featured in Bloomberg's "Fracking Sucks Money From Wind While China Eclipses U.S."
      2. Conferences
        1. Marathon Capital is the Premier Sponsor for Infocast's Power Generation Asset Financing Summit
        2. Marathon Capital Participates in West Coast Renewable Energy Finance Forum
        3. Marathon Capital to Sponsor REFF Wall Street
        4. Worldwide Development and Investment Opportunities in China
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